There are 3 galleries, a caricatures, a digital painting & a video gallery for you to enjoy. With fingers crossed for a productive year, I'm hoping to expand on these gallery pages in the next year and include a traditional album with some of my acrylic, oil & watercolours as the work progresses...





art galleries 


 caricature alicia keys  


These are so much fun to do and are a great break from the more formal & traditional style of portraits that I'm used to & think I've learned more about portraiture through caricatures. They present a completely opposite challenge with its own set of rules in keeping likeness, pushing exaggerations and playing with humor.

This album contains caricatures from various challenges that I often take part in as well as personal pieces & friends faces. These are all digital pieces for now but keep an eye out for the traditional gallery coming soon which will also feature some caricatures in different mediums. Get in touch on my contacts page to commission your own caricature. You can also watch the caricature speed paintings on my videos page.

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 digital painting

 digital art


Since most of my work is digital nowadays, you can expect this to be one of the fastest growing albums with loads of new work to show in the next year. So far it's only a small collection of various digital works including some portraits. All my digital work is created on Photoshop Cs4 using a Wacom Pen Tablet.

Visit my videos page to see how its done, you'll find the Gorillas painting, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley & some of my other caricatures there too...

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digital time lapse


speedpaintings videos 



I try to record most of my digital work, as soon as I'm up to date with the rest of my edits I'll be working on time lapsing some of my traditional paintings too. In the meantime there are 16 video edits for you to enjoy.

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If you want to buy some prints or mobile covers of your favorite artwork you can order right here at the shop, printing is now from both UK(Europe) & United States and shipping is worldwide.